Featured Spice Box: "Some Like It Hot"

"Some Like It Hot" is a Celebration of African, Asian and Latin Global Cuisines! It's an altogether Heated Proposition, made to the adventurous and brave at heart. Live a little. TRY IT.
But… Don't Let the Spider Bite you!

We may have been slow to come around, but Americans are cooking with capsicums and bringing on the heat!  Whether it’s the sweeter milder Mexican chipotle, the French d’esplette, the intense heat of the Spanish habanero or the comatose rendering scorpion pepper of Trinidad, hot spices are now being imported and deliciously incorporated into our eats, drinks and even sweets. “Hot” Chocolate anyone? Now, as in most other parts of the world, hot peppers have become a mainstream offering in the produce sections of most markets.  There are probably 100 varieties that have evolved from the initial five types which originated from Africa, Asia, Mexico and the Middle East.  The Spice is Right Club has put together a hot box of flavor for different tastes and desires to “feel the burn”. Join The Club and sample this month’s red hot recipes.


Ingredients: Dried Organic Scorpion Peppers


Ingredients: ground chipotle, chili & ancho peppers, garlic powder, onion powder, citrus peel, cumin, paprika, salt


Ingredients:  Dried chopped U.S. grown organic jalapenos


Tea Pairing: Organic Chai Tea