Featured Spice Box: Bangin' BBQ


BARBECUE! The crowd pleasing distinctly smoky tasting meat or poultry cooked low and slow over the flames of wood or charcoal is as beloved in America as almost anything. The tastes and styles are many, unique and varied as the people and regions of the United States itself. Most notable styles are Texas, Kansas, Carolina and Memphis; however, most states boast of being home to the best BBQ meats and rubs. Barbecue sauce, while a common accompaniment, is not required for many cooking styles. I’m partial to “California Que” and burnt ends!

As much as we love it, it is said that barbecue is really not an American invention. Some believe that the name barbecue came from the word “barbacoa”, a term expressed by Spanish explorers who saw Caribbean inhabitants roasting their meat over hot coals on a wooden structure. The word barbecue also has roots in West Africa among the Hausa, who used the term “babbake” to describe a complex of words referring to grilling, toasting, building a large fire, singeing hair or feathers and cooking food over a long period of time over an extravagant fire.

 In colonial and antebellum North America, enslaved men became barbecue’s master chefs. Portraits from the period document the role that black chefs played in shaping this very American, and especially Southern staple.  Influences from Native Americans, African Americans, Jamaicans, South Americans, Germans, Czechs and Mexicans have all contributed pieces of the complex BBQ flavor puzzle.

Our August Box entices you to Fire Up the Grill this summerWe’ve crisscrossed the country, collected and packaged three distinct full flavored dry barbecue rubs, just for you. They are paired with some really delicious Black Peach Tea. So have it your way!

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Sweet Sticky Tangy Carolina Barbecue Rub

 Ingredients: brown sugar, dry mustard, coriander, onion, garlic, chili powder, citrus peel, spices. Delicious Coastal Carolina Marinade great for ribs, chops and pulled pork. 


Bangin’ BBQ Rub

Ingredients:  Applewood smoked sea salt, brown sugar, dried peppers, garlic, onions, spices herbs, dried fruit, lemon zest, mesquite. Sweet savory with moderate heat.  This blend, in the African American tradition, gives flavor that makes you want to slap somebody!


Memphis Dry BBQ Rub

Ingredients: brown sugar, black pepper, paprika, white pepper, red pepper flakes, salt, chili powder, and garlic powder, herbs.  Rub it on steaks, ribs, chicken and blend in burgers for tender, tangy, sweet, peppery BBQ   Man, this is good eating!


Tea Pairing:  Organic, Ceylon black peach tea.