Featured Spice Box : Bayou Baby

Just what is Love? How do you describe it?  The warmth of tender lingering kiss? The adoring gaze and smile from a bouncing baby? Feeling adored, protected and provided for?

All I know is that when it pulls on your heartstrings, makes your toes tap, keeps you fantasizing and you can’t wait to hit it again, it MUST be love.  Just under God, Family and Friends, there is nothing quite like New Orleans Creole Cooking and Cajun my dear, ain’t bad! 

Seriously, you don’t even have to be a Foodie to be turned on.  Be sure you have the Trinity (celery, onions and bell peppers) on hand at home. Then equip your kitchen with the arsenal in our February seasoning package to create your own sumptuous, sizzling, sweet and savory sensory arousing delights.  YES! It’s All That; and… we’re sending the recipes to prove it.    

Your February Package Contains:


Bayou Baby  Creole Seasoning

  • Bold Savory Delicious      
  • Paprika, garlic, thyme, onion, cayenne,          
  • Kosher salt, other herbs.             

Piment d’Esplette

  • Hot Sweet Smoky
  • Ground d’esplette pepper 
  • Mild heat from France           

Ceylon Cinnamon   

  • Sweet Warm Woody
  • Quite simply ‘The Real’

Your tea pairing is the delicious Honeysuckle Rose -a rich, fragrant black tea with lots of depth. It is a rich elegant tea with notes of honeysuckle leaves and a slight rose bouquet.

Bon Appetite – You’re going to love it!