Featured Spice Box: Black Classical

“Black Classical” features freshly combined Spice and Herb Blends passionately prepared and perfectly packaged to be used in “Toe Tapping” Old Southern cuisine.

February’s Package Includes:


Fried Chicken Seasoning – sku # 01217 - The Full Monty –You won’t have to add another pinch of anything. This spice blend has everything you need for sumptuous flavor. We blend peppers, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, turmeric and a few other spices. It’s great for vegetarian dishes too; adding a light heat, great aroma and mouthwatering taste.


Mean Greens Seasoning – sku # 01218 - Whether you’re cooking kale, collards, turnips, mustards, potato, chard, or cabbage, we’ve “got you”!  Sometimes, even magic takes a little trick. Our complete seasoning packets will have you humming and your family singing your praises. It’s full of southern influenced flavor granules that add zing to your greens; including applewood smoked salt, celery, onion and garlic powder.


Cobbler Commotion – sku # 01219 Your fresh peaches and crust, plus our spice blend will take the cake – well okay, the pie!  Have a sweet finish and decadent finish to any celebration. Get the full recipe with this month’s subscription. Peach cobbler is a hands down favorite. We’ll help you hit it out of the park!  Masterful proportions of cinnamon, nutmeg, and choice natural flavorings put the power to please in your hands.


Tea Paring – Peppermint Passion – sku # 01220 - The seasonings and recipes in this month’s package are rounded out with a sample of lemon peppermint tea.