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From Mumbai to Shanghai East Asian food is a time tested tradition of dumplings, pad Thai, spicy soups, rice and noodles. With the globalization of cultures and cuisines however, faster foods and drinks on the go are a visible changing trend as Asian exported foods and at home.  The western trend of food trucks and snack foods on the go is sweeping through the East.  One can find satays and gyozas as meals on wheels throughout Asia, as well as the freezer compartments of most United States grocery stores.

But have no fear, the sweet and pungent mixtures of spices and sauces synonymous with far East cooking remain. Wontons forever!  Far East food and drinks continue to make their way front and center on the trending Western culinary scene.  One such super trending commodity is Matcha, a healthy powdered green tea, full of goodness.       

Matcha is a powdered green tea and has been drunk in Japan for roughly 900 years. Its rise to fame is due to its versatility of use. Additionally, matcha is making its way to the West as a healthy drink alternative to tea and coffee. In the far East, particularly Japan, it is trending in many refined restaurants as a favorite ingredient in innovative and modern dishes, such as Matcha green tea pancakes and Matcha frozen custard pudding.

Before you head to the kitchen, it Is important to know that matcha falls into one of two categories, ceremony-grade and food-grade. Ceremony grade is considered higher quality and should be used for drinking, the food-grade powder is intended for baking and cooking. That said, there’s no reason you can’t use the ceremony-grade in recipes. In fact, it often has a less bitter taste than the powder category usually used in foods. Go Green with this tasty, healthy recipe!

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Chinese 5 Spice -  One of the essential base seasonings for Chinese cooking with an almost perfect balance of flavors - sweet, warm, cool and spicy at once.  Ours contains cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and Szechwan peppercorns (Plus a little ginger)


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White Pepper -    Ground white peppercorns - a little bit hot, a little bit winey and a lot earthy. Used in most Asian dishes


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Indian Curry Madras – turmeric, coriander, pepper, cardamom, mustard, cumin, other spices – warm, spicy full flavor, great on meat, poultry and vegetables.



Tea Pairing - Matcha                                                    



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Matcha – Powdered Green Tea, Ceremony Grade – full of antioxidants!