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There is great diversity in food preparation among the Italians. The cuisines of Italy vary from region to region, so much so that it can be surprising to those who aren't familiar with this small, but historically rich, breathtakingly beautiful country.

Regions in the North of Italy tend to be more influenced by its European neighbors, such as France and Austria; while areas such as Sicily in the South, incorporate flavors from the Mediterranean.

Northern Italy uses less olive oil and more butter, love their cream sauces and stuffed meats, and serve with sides of grains such as polenta and rice for risotto. Their Southern counterparts make dishes where heavy use of tangy tomato sauces, steamed seafood and handmade pastas.

Fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, saffron and oregano are a significant part of all Italian cooking. The flavors depend largely on the amounts and manner of use. Through their own distinct culinary mastery of flavors, sauces, pastas and grains the North, South and various regions in between, have given us delectable renderings of classic Italian cuisine – one of the world’s favorite. The bounty of this country’s food, recipes and cooking is a true treasure – or as the Italians say, Tesoro!


JUNE SPICE BOX – TESORO                              

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Inside your box this month, get small batch sizes of these distinctive Italian spices accompanied by a refreshing tea pairing:    


TEMPTING TUSCAN BLEND: An aromatic sweet peppery authentic blend of natural herbs and spices including basil, oregano, rosemary, fennel, crushed red pepper, thyme, garlic.

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SAFFRON POWDER: It is little known, but this expensive highly celebrated spice grown is grown in Abruzzo, Italy and used sparingly in cooking fish stews, risotto and cakes! A pinch of powder goes a long way!

CLASSIC ITALIAN SEASONING: Use it on pasta, poultry, salads, stir fry veggies, and of course pasta sauces. Ingredients: Parsley, sage, rosemary, oregan and thyme, marjoram.

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TEA PAIRING:   Chamomile