About Us

Company Profile

We are Plum Good Limited Liability Company, a purposeful minority & women owned Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) dedicated to generating stable incremental growth in revenue, diversification of food products & services, and heightened East of the Anacostia River community health and socio-economic enhancement.

Plum Good locally produces, discriminately sources and proudly brings to market the highest quality culinary and restorative spices, herbs and tea blends available. Our mission is to help bring flavorful nutrition available to our customers.  We make All Natural rubs and blends, teas, jams and sauces. Our seasoning collection was created with unique ready to use herb and spice combinations, a whole bunch of love and a little bit of magic to enhance, not overpower the flavor, aroma, taste and appearance of your meals. In short…     

We Make Delicious Eassssy!

From mouthwatering “Down Home”  favorites to delectable international cuisine our seasonings, teas and sauces will help you to make Magic in your kitchen - every time you cook.           

Behind the Brand



 “GREAT MEALS are like music, love and laughter – universally cherished and genuinely appreciated."

- Angela Mbodj, Chief Spice Officer and Culinary Flavor Maker




Angela Mbodj is the Chief Spice Officer and Culinary Flavor Maker.  A love for diverse people, globetrotting, gardening, cooking and exploring the culinary and wellness uses of spices and herbs around the world played a large role in her professional pursuits; but it started far before that!  “Listen” to her personal reflections.

“Growing up in my house hospitality and food preparation equaled family togetherness and fun! As kids, we were often allowed, even encouraged to cook. Have you ever made a syrup sandwich or vanilla snow cream? My siblings and I took creativity to a whole new level. Experimentation was good fun!"

Moreover, our kitchen, as with most cultures around the world, was the epicenter of family life. Childhood memories of family togetherness plus a love for people, travel, gardening, international spices, cultures and cuisines fueled the passion to create Plum Good!

We retail and wholesale a globally sourced and locally created variety of spices, herbs, teas, sauces and snacks. Plum Good creates fabled flavors and curates healthy delicious recipes; bringing people of the world closer, one kitchen at a time. Wherever I have traveled throughout the world food sufficiency has been a unifier."