"Caribbean Smoke" Hot Sauces

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    Mango Habanero (HOTTT!)

    If you’re looking for a sauce brimming with flavor just before the bomb, our Mango Caribbean Smoke has got what you need. Habanero heat, sweet velvety mango, natural spices, honey and vinegar are combined to become the perfect companion to poultry, seafood, stews and actually, almost everything else. 5 ounces goes a long way to spice up and intensify foods without ever compromising the foods authentic flavor.

      Pineapple Serrano (Nice Kick)

      Our Pineapple Habanero is another crowd pleaser – especially for those who prefer a little less heat.  Really sweet juicy pineapples combine with the habaneros, spices, lemon and other ingredients to create this sauce. It is somewhat less spicy than the mango.  No tricks though now, the heat is definitely turned on, you just may not need the water hose.  The pineapple version is especially great with shrimp and pizza


      • 5oz
      • 10oz