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What Makes the  Spice Right?

We source spices from all over the world, so we know a thing or two about choosing the right spice. Check out our spice FAQs to educate and level-up your spice palette.

What Spice is great for date night?

Nutmeg is widely regarded as a strong aphrodisiac, from its aromatic fragrance to its touted ability to increase male libido, it has been used as such for centuries. Nutmeg is a warm, sensual, exotic spice that can be added into drinks or desserts to spice up your evening. Try adding nutmeg to a spiced hot chocolate, coffee, or your favorite dessert.  Also noteworthy for their powerful aphrodisiac qualities are cinnamon, ginseng, cloves, and cardamom.  Try Plum Good Moroccan Morning Tea during date night.  It’s strong notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves may be a  perfect way to reach a romantic conclusion.

What's a good spice for a spice-newbie?

Herbs de Provence is a great herb blend for newbies. It combines flavors that are used in French, Italian, and Creole cooking. It is mild, yet adds so much taste depth and rich flavor to almost any dish that it is hard to misuse it.  Meanwhile, folks will be gleefully asking you “What did you put in this?”  


The #1 all time favorite spice seasoning is “It’s All Good” Why? The answer is that because it really is!  You need not add another thing to the dish that you are preparing. The blend does not overpower food.  It compliments it. Eleven herbs, fruits and spices has you covered – Every time!

What is your hottest spice?

Our hottest spice is Peri Peri. We also carry an Extra Hot Chili sauce that is about 100 on the Scoville scale.  Our hottest sauces are Scotch Bonnet, made from the legendary Jamaican peppers, Barry Hot, whose recipe includes Carolina reaper peppers and Caribbean Smoke Mango, featuring an overload of habanero peppers.

Where do you source your spices?

We literally source all over the world!  Two of our owners have international trade and development and Peace Corps backgrounds. We have relationships with indigenous farmers and women grower collectives.  In addition, we grow about 20% of our domestic products, like parsley, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, mint and thyme.

What's a spice that goes great with everything?

While salt is technically an organic mineral, and not a spice, it is a seasoning and arguably the most universally used one in the world. It is used to heighten sweetness, intensify drinks, flavor meats, hot cereals, breads, and the list goes on. 


It should also be noted that black pepper and cumin are the #1 and # 2 most purchased spices in the world!  

Sauce FAQs

Feeling saucy? Are you ready to level-up your next meal? Check out our spice FAQs and find out how to choose the right sauce for any occassion.

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