About Plum Good

“GREAT meals are like music, love and laughter – universally understood, cherished and appreciated.”

– Angela Chester-Mbodj, Chief Flavor Maker

Our Mission

Plum Good LLC is a mindful minority and women owned Certified Business Enterprise (CBE). We locally produce, discriminately source, and proudly bring to market the highest quality culinary and restorative spices, herbs and teas available.

We live and make our products in Washington, DC, East of the Anacostia River. We are honored to play a role in our community’s health and socio-economic enhancement by offering convenient tasty ways to cook food; and all the while reduce the urge to for use excessive salt, sugar and fats. Our mission is to Make Delicious Easy; and are committed to creating products recipes and services that help to raise your culinary and wellness IQ!

Our seasoning collection is created with fresh local herbs and unique international ingredients, a whole bunch of love and even a little bit of magic (or at least they taste that way!). From mouthwatering “Down Home” favorites to delectable international cuisine Plum Good will help you rule! So, get ready for the applause, the “oohs and the ahhs.”

Behind The Brand

Plum Good Founder Angela Chester-Mbodj grew up with a love for cooking, people, globetrotting, backyard gardening, and exploring. A fascination with culture, cuisine, and the use of spices and herbs around the world fueled her passion to create Plum Good.


“Growing up in my house hospitality and food preparation equaled family togetherness and fun! As kids, we were often allowed, even encouraged to cook. Have you ever made a syrup sandwich or vanilla snow cream? My siblings and I took creativity to a whole new level. Experimentation was good fun!"


Like most cultures around the world, the kitchen was the epicenter of Angela's family life. Her recipes are inspired by childhood memories of togetherness plus a love for people, travel, gardening. Whether at home, or in some remote part of the world, she found food to be a great unifier of people. 


"I love the idea of bringing people of the world closer together one kitchen at a time! " - Angela Chester-Mbodj, Founder/Chief Flavor Maker


Buy one of our latest tasty teas. Our all natural herbal teas’ tastes and aromas are known to enhance health, mood and attitude. The organic herbs and spices are lovingly and mindfully combined to make them taste great hot or cold.

Spices + Herbs + Rubs

Our  collection of spices, herbs, and rubs provide the thrill you need to make your dishes memorable and delicious.


Our sauces range from sweet and savory to spicy and tangy. We’ve got the right sauces for any taste. 

Spice FAQs

Looking to impress for date night? Wanna add some extra zing to your family’s meals? Check out our spice FAQs and find out what makes the perfect sauce.

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We MaKe Delicious Easy

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