Sauce FAQs

Let’s get Saucy

Who’s the Sauce?

Our sauces are made with sugar, spice, and everything nice. Check out our sauce FAQs to level-up your sauce palette.

What makes a good sauce?

Sugar, spice and everything nice plus a little heat make a good sauce. When the combination of flavors compliment each other and the food they are used on you have a good sauce. A good sauce arouses the taste buds and enhances (not drowns) the flavor of the food. It should be rich, distinct, memorable, and taste good on fingers!

What are your sweeter sauces?

Both Mamba and Plumbo sauces are sweet, yet savory sauces. Plum Good Signature sauce also has a sweet/sour taste.

What are your spicy sauces?

Our hot sauces pack a lot of heat, with Sweet hot and Chocolate being the most benign.  You are still able to taste the flavor of the sauce.

What's a good all-purpose sauce?

A great all purpose sauce is PLUMBO. It’s sweet. It’s tangy. It has a little “kick” It tastes just as good on tofu as it does on shrimp, chicken or French fries.

Tea FAQs

Our all natural herbal teas and aromas are known to enhance health, mood and attitude. Find out which tea is best for you.

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